Frequently Asked Questions


Who gives the advice ?

The advice is given by Career Consultants after the proper analysing of your inputs. The people who give the advice are certified Career consultants and they make sure that the advice they give is the best option existing for you. Here is an image of the certificate of one of our web developer.

What is the purpose of the site ?

The purpose the site, as told earlier, is to give you the best ever career advice for free/very negligible amout. As every person has a talent, we help you to identify your talent and attain freedom in your career life.

Why should you choose us ?

We are the only career consulting firm in India that gives you a professional career advice for free/ in such a less amount. Career selection is one of the major aspects of life and one must do it wisely. We not only provide you the best options suitable for you, but also the path you should follow as well as courses and books that will help you in attaining your Career Freedom

When should you take an advise

There is no age that can stop you from pursuing your favorite career. Even if you are in 8th grade or above you can take an advice from a professional and start preparing for your career. It will help you a lot in future. If you are already working somewhere but not satisfied, then also taking a professional advice would be really beneficial.

How much time it will take to get Advice ?

We send you the advice after analysing your every detail of the report and e-mail you the advice within 24 hours.

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